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2008 Pacific Cup

Pacific Cup and BeatSarcoma are in the same race in 2008

2,070 nautical miles. Over 3,700 kms or 2,300 miles. This is the distance that "Elise", an Express 27, covered in July 2008 in order to rally San Francisco to Hawaii. It's a race for life, raising funds for sarcoma research.

One does not enter a long-distance offshore race without preparation. A lot of hardware and software work, planning, and training goes into the making of a successful race. The race is not just the two weeks at sea - it is also the entire year and a team leading to the start line.

We chose this grueling year of preparationĀ culminating in the Pacific Cup 2008 to launch the Beat Sarcoma initiative. Why? It presents a lot of similarities with all aspects of a battle against cancer. Facing an ocean is both a humbling and empowering experience. We are humbled by the immensity of the ocean and empowered by our little craft that takes us safely across. It is hard and rewarding - hard to stay up in the cold wet night or in the merciless sun and rewarding to go far beyond our comfort zone and succeed through our skills, intellect, will power and physical endurance. And a touch of luck.

Like cancer, the ocean is big, powerful and intimidating. But just as we find ways to cross inhospitable and unpredictable oceans, we can find ways to cure cancer. So, welcome aboard and let's race together toward a cure!