Event guidelines

First - an independent event for the benefit of BeatSarcoma is an event that YOU organize with the desire to use the proceeds of this event to make a donation to BeatSarcoma. Neat idea! It does not involve BeatSarcoma at all but we would like to see if the following document would help you in this endeavor


  • Set up a budget, fill it out initially with estimates to determine your minimum sponsorship needs and replace with real numbers as you go along
  • Maintain a todo list with clear owners and completion dates
  • Recruit twice as many volunteers as what you think you will need on the day of the event
  • Focus on a great experience for event participants
  • Webpage: even something as simple as an online invitation can benefit your event. If anything, it contains all the information related to your event. It can also help you promote your event as you can link this in social networking activities and it provides an easy way for you to link to a BeatSarcoma fundraising page.
  • At your event, you could have ready-to-be-mailed-to-BeatSarcoma envelopes that participants can pick up. They can then mail them when they next walk to a mailbox.


  • Can I say that this is a BeatSarcoma event?

If you are not technically volunteering on behalf of BeatSarcoma in this case, you cannot say that. However, it is totally fine to say that you intend to use the proceeds from your event to make a donation to BeatSarcoma. eg. the event will benefit BeatSarcoma but is not held on behalf of. Whether you will do as you say you will is a different matter of course. You will be asking people to trust you and they may need to be convinced.

Especially when you handle donations that are not made through a direct mailing to BeatSarcoma or using one of our online Fundraising pages (100% of these donations go to BeatSarcoma), we ask to communicate to event participants that you are asking them to trust you, even if it is only with the mailing of a check.


  • Can I get signage from BeatSarcoma for events (logos, documents, etc...)

There are different types of collateral.

    • BeatSarcoma has an online store from which you can purchase various items with our logos. However, you cannot use the BeatSarcoma name and/or logo without BeatSarcoma's permission, including on promotional materials or clothing
    • BeatSarcoma has some information on our website - you can print it out and distribute them as you see fit, so long as you make it clear that this is information about the charity you would like to contribute the proceeds of the event to. You can also refer to our website in electronic communications about your event, or if anyone would like to get in touch with us
      • about Sarcoma (e.g. 'What is sarcoma')
      • about how BeatSarcoma handles donations, selects research and patient projects, etc...(e.g 'BeatSarcoma's Policies')


  • Can event participants get tax benefits for their donations?

If the donations are made directly to BeatSarcoma, they are tax deductible as BeatSarcoma is a 501(c)(3) corporation (this also works in France!). An easy way to do that is to set up an event fundraising page off of the main BeatSarcoma's donation page: http://www.active.com/donate/BeatSarcoma.

Click on 'Become a Fundraiser' button at the top of the page. To read more about donations to BeatSarcoma go to our donation page.

Note that participants can specify what they'd like their donation to be used for (default is unrestricted) - you can find out more info on our donation and financial policy .

Registration fees or purchases (for instance of raffle tickets) are not tax deductible.

Donations not made directly to BeatSarcoma, Inc. are not tax deductible, even if you decided to aggregate them and write a check for the total to BeatSarcoma later.

We like things to be very transparent, so we ask you to make it clear when donations are not tax deductible and if event participants are being asked to trust you, even if it is with an eventual mailing of their check, made out to BeatSarcoma.


  • Are sponsorships (in-kind or in cash) for my event tax deductible?

Sponsorships that are not direct transactions with BeatSarcoma are not tax deductible. If your event incurs large costs and if you wish to secure sponsorship and offer tax benefits to your sponsors, please contact our  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . These requests will be handled on a case by case basis as the sponsorship would have to go through BeatSarcoma - thus requiring a decision on our part!


  • Am I liable if anything happens?

Since you are organizing the event, you are responsible to make sure that things go smoothly and are done in all legality. You may have to secure permits and purchase special insurance. BeatSarcoma cannot be held liable. This is very much as if you were doing something for a friend!


  • Also if we need funds to put on our event, are we able to receive any from BeatSarcoma or should we generate our own money?

Generally, we prefer to build up a relationship with our out-of-area volunteers gradually.  To honor our commitment to donors and to preserve our status as a non-profit, we must be very cautious about committing organization funds when we do not have direct control over their use. So please, bear with us!